Kirsten Acker Obituary, Salem, New Hampshire, Kirsten Acker Has Sadly Passed Away

Kirsten Acker Obituary, Death – Kirsten Acker, who resided in Forked River, has passed away. Kirsten was born on the 3rd of June in the city of Philadelphia, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Lacey Township High School in 2019 and, at the time that this article was being written, she was pursuing a degree in communications at Coastal Carolina University. All of the people who knew Kirsten had an overwhelming sense of joy. This was due to her infectious smile as well as her funny sense of humor.

The summer brought her the most joy she had experienced all year. One of her favorite things to do was to get out with her friends at the beach to see the sunrise or the sunset. This was one of her favorite things to do. Kirsten has, over the course of the last several years, developed a special affinity for cruising as well as traveling to the many vacation places that she enjoys visiting. She began taking dance classes when she was 5 years old and continued doing so until she graduated from high school. Her favorite kind of dance was hip hop.

Since she had such a deep and abiding love for her dogs, Mara and Cara, she affectionately referred to them as her “Sissys.” In spite of the fact that Kirsten was not a fan of getting her education online, she valued the time she got to spend on campus and was in awe of the state of South Carolina. Before Kirsten’s great-granddaughter was born, Kirsten’s maternal grandfather, Charles Potdevin, had already passed away. She is survived by her sister, Jessie Acker, her parents, Derick and Sandra Acker, her grandparents, Marianne Potdevin, Gustav and Marcia Acker, and Christine Thatcher, and a great number of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Her parents are Derick and Sandra Acker, and her sister is Jessie Acker. Her father is Derick, and her mother’s name is Sandra Acker.

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