Kevin Rutledge Obituary New Glasgow Nova Scotia, Kevin Rutledge Has Sadly Passed Away

Kevin Rutledge Obituary, Death – The fact that you, my sweet little brother, are not here with us any more is still very difficult for me to acknowledge. You are not going to believe how much I am going to miss seeing you. Despite the enormous amount of effort that you put in and the love that you had for those who were dear to you, such as your children, your pets, and your friends, your voice will no longer be heard. It’s hard for me to put my head around the reality that we’ve lost another brother in the span of a little over a year’s time. It just doesn’t seem possible. Kevin You were far too young to pass away, especially in the way that you unintentionally did so. You were much too young to pass away.

You will be sorely missed by everyone in this world. When we open our eyes in the morning, there is no guarantee that we will have another day after that; only God knows how our life will ultimately come to a close. During this time, we want to let Ellen, Matthew, Alysha, and Naomi know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, along with their two grandchildren, their mother, and the rest of their family and friends who are close to them. You will never be far from my mind or my memory. I will never forget you. I shall never forget you. Your charming grin has the power to dramatically transform the environment of any room it enters.

Because of your wit, none of us were able to hold back our laughs throughout the entire conversation. You frequently demonstrated the breadth of your affection for your family as well as the animals in your care through the photographs and videos that you shared on your many social media profiles. My sweet brother, I will never cease praying that we will recognize one another once more on the other side and pick up where we left off. I adore you with every single shattered piece of my heart, and that includes the pieces that are missing.


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