Kevin Floyd Obituary, Kevin Floyd Has Sadly Passed Away

Kevin Floyd Obituary, Death – The office of the coroner in Sumter County has made public the identify of the individual whose body was discovered on Sunday by firemen who were responding to a fire in that county. These firefighters were called to put out a fire in that county. When they got at the scene of the fire, the firefighters who had been called to put out the blaze discovered the body.

A representative of the Sumter Fire Department was quoted as saying in a statement that crews were sent to the 400 block of Raymond Street just before 4 a.m. to investigate a report of a “fifth-wheel” camper trailer that had caught fire in the area. The statement was made by the representative of the Sumter Fire Department.

The incident was reported to 911 by one of the residents who lives on the 400 block of Raymond Street. The information that can be found in this response was offered in response to a question that asked about getting assistance. They were successful in extinguishing the fires that broke out not just in the camper but also in a nearby lean-to construction that had also caught fire.

In total, around thirteen firefighters and three fire stations were sent to the scene of the incident to assist with the emergency. In spite of this, the teams were ultimately successful in determining that the body they had found belonged to a man. Robbie Baker, the coroner for Sumter County, examined the body and determined that it belonged to Kevin Floyd, who had reached the age of fifty years old.

During the week that is about to begin, the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston is going to do an autopsy on a body that has been brought there. The news of Floyd’s departure has been broken to his loved ones, and arrangements are being made to carry out an autopsy on his body. On the same day that Floyd had gone away, his body was found in his home in Charleston, South Carolina. Regarding any of the potential causes, there is no report that has been distributed to the general public and made available for them to read.

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