Kenrick Waite Obituary, Co-Owner And Chef At The Little Grill Has Sadly Passed Away

Kenrick Waite Obituary, Death – Everyone was shocked when they heard of Kenrick Waite’s passing; in addition to being a co-owner and chef at The Little Grill, he was also the main vocalist for the band Muzizi. His death came as a surprise to all of us. To his family and friends, please accept our most heartfelt sympathies. In addition to this, Kenrick Waite was a co-owner of The Little Grill together with another individual. The year before, on Valentine’s Day, for our celebration that we termed “Home is Where the Heart Is,” Kenrick and the other incredible bandmembers of Muzizi selflessly sacrificed their time to put on a wonderful reggae show for our guests.

Our visitors were blown away by the performance. “Home is Where the Heart Is” was the name given to the event. Everyone who knew Kenrick is aware that while he was here on earth, he poured a large deal of love upon other people and contributed a significant amount of love to the world as a whole. Anyone who has worked with Kenrick in the past or is familiar with him on a deeper level can vouch for the accuracy of the aforementioned remark.

During this difficult time, we are remembering his family in our thoughts and prayers, and we are recommitting ourselves to the goal of making our community a better place for everyone by harnessing the transforming power of love. You are more than welcome to send Kenrick any images that you may have taken at the get-together that took place the year before, as well as any other memories, and after we have received them, we will discuss them together. You are more than welcome to email Kenrick any photographs that you might have shot at the get-together that took place the year before that one.

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