Kenny Brown Obituary, Norfolk VA Kenny Brown Has Passed Away

Kenny Brown – Most of you know him by numerous names, but I encouraged him to become Pastor Kenny Brown, as God had called him to be. When God chooses you, you have a very distinct way of expressing yourself to the world. We had a tight relationship as your spiritual leader and mentor. I never gave up on you because God showed me that you have the potential to change the world within you. I can always foresee when something will happen that will change the course of culture. Your gifts and your one-of-a-kind enthusiasm touched the lives of so many others. You used to remark that we used to have so many early morning and late night chats and disagreements. Pastor I know you’re going to beat me up since I’ve been missing for a while, but I need you because God gave me this vision.

I’m trying to get back on track with the three B’s (Bible, Books, and Basketball) so I can push it. We had a difficult fight on this faith journey, King, and I stood by you no matter how I felt or what I was going through. I never gave up on you or the Greatness you possessed. You told me, Man, that anything you promised to do for the kids, the elderly, and the hood in the last 25 years, you did. Kenny was our 2pac; he used to say, “I’m a profit like Pac,” and he was. He had a word from the Lord, no matter how much he drank. He’ll hug you, kiss you, and tell you 10,000 times that he loves you, but you’re not leaving without saying it.

We all have demons and battles to fight, some more visible than others, but consider the person’s pure soul and spirit. Brown, your love for God was unrivaled, and you always stood 10 TOES on your phrase (S.H.A.N.O.B.Y) GOD GOT ME!! Much respect You have earned what we have been discussing for years. Please put in a good word for me with the boss, as you used to say. In the real draft, you were a first-round pick. THE KINGDOM OF GOD has picked Kenny Shanoby Brown. YOU NOW HAVE YOUR CROWN, KING, AS THE FIRST PICK OF THE DRAFT 2023. I SEE YOU WHEN I RECEIVE THEM.

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