Kenneth Bruce Obituary, Kenneth Bruce Has Sadly Passed Away

Kenneth Bruce Death, Obituary – Kenneth traveled by plane to spend Christmas and New Year’s with us, but regrettably, he passed away abruptly and unexpectedly yesterday night. This has made the beginning of the new year for all of us extremely miserable. We are deeply saddened and touched by the passing of Vivian Torjussen and Svein, whom he loved and anxiously looked forward to seeing on your daily video chats. All of his friends in the wonderful Canaries, notably Vivian Torjussen and Svein, have my deepest condolences.

Everyone will sadly miss him. We know you were looking forward to his coming back to the canaries, and we know he was looking forward to seeing you and the other canaries again after his absence. In all honesty, we can say that we did everything we could to save him. Please understand that Thomas and Sandra Eriksen, who brought him enormous delight and pride, were his greatest accomplishments in life. He just had love to give to the two of you. You were quite dear to him. Before his kids, the father said:

“We also want to extend my gratitude to Kenneth Bruce, my brother from a different mother, for staying with us for the past few weeks. We have enjoyed laughing at your antics, and it has been a pleasure to have you here. Their father’s brother is Kenneth Bruce. He remarked, turning to face his kids, “we also want to express my gratitude to his kids for staying with us the past few weeks. We shall always be appreciative of your presence in my life and your support.

Together, we shared a wonderful childhood that we will never, ever forget. We will always remember the wonderful childhood times we had together. Please tell Father Bear, if he happens to be there, how much we love and miss him. Give your mother and mine the most heartfelt embraces you can muster. Hug your mom and me as tightly as you can. We want paradise to be a peaceful and lovely place. We love you, Kenneth, and we really hope we can run into one other again soon. We’re still in shock over your departure, my brother from another mother. RIP.


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