Ken Fritz Obituary, Ken Fritz Has Sadly Passed Away

Ken Fritz Obituary, Death – Kenneth Fritz fought a courageous struggle against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but he was finally unable to beat the disease and passed away. Because of his sickness, he could not be saved and ultimately passed away. He is survived by his devoted wife of 26 years, Mary “Sue;” his children, Betsy Logan (Kenny), Patty Bies (Mark), Rosemary Branch (Fred); Kurt Fritz (Kirstin); Scott Fritz (Bethany); and stepson, Larry Thomas (Jennifer); as well as his four grandchildren, Anthony, Freddie III, Trevor, and Hendrick. In addition, he is survived by his stepson, Larry Thomas ( In addition to his wife, he is survived by his stepson, Larry Thomas (Jennifer).

He had previous experience in the field of law enforcement and had served in the United States Air Force in the past. He is survived by his second wife and stepson, Larry Thomas (Jennifer), whom he married after his first wife passed away. Ken was a man of contrasts in every element of his life, and this dualism was reflected in the way that he carried himself personally. Since he was a young lad, he has had a deep-seated passion for music, and when he was 15 years old, he built the very first pair of speakers he had ever had for himself. He still uses those speakers to this day.

His devotion spanned the larger part of 65 years, during which he labored away at the realization of his dream and the accomplishment of his goal of producing the very best audio system that money could buy. He did this by working tirelessly on the project. The better part of sixty-five years were spent in devoted service by him. In spite of the fact that Ken always presented himself as calm and collected, he was in fact compelled by an unquenchable need to share the knowledge and experience that he had gained throughout the course of his life. Because of the way in which he conducts his life, a very large number of people will look up to him in the years to come and attempt to emulate the level of passion and dedication that he exhibits.

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