Kelly Rathbun Obituary, has sadly passed away

Kelly Rathbun Obituary, Death – I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Kelly passed away earlier today. I am sorry to be the one to break the news to you. I say this with a very heavy heart because doing so is necessary. During this time when we are remembering Kelly’s life and honoring the legacy she has left behind, it would mean a great deal to us if you could lend us your support.

The fact that we have such beautiful memories of her serves as evidence that the mere fact that she survived was a stroke of good luck for each and every one of us. Not only was she devoted to her position as a mother, but she was also devoted to her responsibilities as a daughter, friend, and wife in addition to her role as a mother.

She had a profound love for her children and husband. We would consider it a tremendous honor if you would be willing to entrust us with a favorite photograph, a hilarious anecdote, or a beloved memory that you have of Kelly. If you have any of these things, please let us know.

A memorial ceremony honoring her life and remembering her passing will be held at Hillside Community Church on Friday, February 3, at 11 am. The service will celebrate her life and remember her departure. In her memory, the service will be held later today.

The city of Rancho Cucamonga can be found within the boundaries of the state of California. Address: 5354 Haven Avenue 91737 I would kindly ask that you kindly let me know how many people will be attending the event so that I can make sure there is sufficient seating for everyone. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter. Because I want to make sure that there is sufficient seating for everyone, I would appreciate it if you could answer this question politely.

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