Kathy Westley Obituary, The Property Shop Mourns Kathy Westley's Death

Kathy Westley Obituary, The Property Shop Mourns Kathy Westley’s Death

Kathy Westley Obituary, Death – Kathy Westley, who died quietly with her family on January 8th, became our angel. She was born on April 8, 1949, and grew up on the Colorado River’s banks near the large pines east of the No Name Tunnel. She and her wonderful sister Debbie spend a lot of time competing with their 4H animals and working on their many 4H projects. Debbie and Kathy were both exceptional horsewomen who continued on their moms’ and fathers’ traditions of enabling our valley’s 4H to thrive. Kathy attended Glenwood Springs High School and remains in contact with many of her classmates.

Her family had a long association with the Hot Springs pool. They spent almost every day at the pool, creating lifelong memories that are now being passed down through generations. Kathy met Craig Westley, the love of her life, and they had a long and happy marriage filled with rodeo experiences, family Flat Tops cabin excursions, and raising their son, Jess. Kathy was a great mother who showered motherly love on all of us who had the good fortune to know her. She was a Godly woman with a deep faith; she belonged to the Christian Woman’s Club and was the long-time host of a Bible Study group she started in 2001.

She was a prayer warrior, and the Lord used her to watch over and protect those of us who needed someone like Kathy. Later, she and a group of other female entrepreneurs co-founded The Property Shop. Kathy’s outstanding work performance was the result of her dedication, compassion, and kindness, as well as the steadfast support of her coworkers, including her niece, Jennifer VanDyke. Kathy and Jennifer have assisted each other throughout the years and consider themselves fortunate to have each other to lead them through difficult times at work and in life. Taylor was Kathy’s daughter-in-law, and their time together will be much missed.

Kathy was a gifted writer, mentor, and friend to many of us. When everything else failed, we turned to her for assistance. Kathy’s biggest joy later in life was traveling with her nieces and nephews, as well as grandchildren Colton and Chase, as well as spending time with her sister-in-law, Raelyn. She fought valiantly, and everyone will remember her never-say-die spirit. Kathy’s presence in our lives has made us all very happy!


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