Karime Balderas Obituary, Chicago IL resident died in fatal car accident

Karime Balderas Obituary, Death – After being involved in a car accident on Wednesday, Karime Balderas, who lives in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, was transported to Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The accident occurred in Upper Black Eddy. The collision involved Balderas, who was a participant. Karime Balderas was a native of the community of Upper Black Eddy, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States.

Karime was born on March 19 in Raritan Township, New Jersey; however, she spent the majority of her life in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. Karime’s parents moved the family to Pennsylvania when she was just a few months old. Although Upper Black Eddy is located in Pennsylvania, Karime’s birthplace was in the state of New Jersey. The Karime family uprooted themselves and relocated to a new area when Karime was just a few months old. Hellertown, which is found in the state of Pennsylvania, ended up becoming Karime’s permanent residence. She continued her education at Saucon Valley High School all the way through to the end of her high school career, at which point she received her diploma.

Karime was a caregiver, and she devoted a significant amount of her time and energy to taking care of her grandmother, Mildred, whom she catered to in a very detailed manner. Karime’s job required her to spend a lot of time with her grandmother. The activities of cooking, reading, and creating works of art, most notably sketches and paintings, were among her most treasured and valued joys. She possessed an extraordinary amount of talent in several areas.

Karime is survived by her son Miles Balderas, her daughters Autumn Balderas and Spring Balderas, her parents Dana Kerr and Triss Robinson, her grandmother Mildred Reigle, her brother Dayton Kerr, and her two sisters Jennifer Kerr and Jody Henry. Karime was also predeceased by her paternal grandmother Mildred Reigle. In addition, Karime’s maternal great-grandmother, Mildred Reigle, passed away before her. In addition to this, Karime’s maternal great-grandmother, Mildred Reigle, had already passed away prior to her own passing. Even though Mildred Reigle has passed away, Karime’s maternal great-legacy grandmother’s lives on. Mildred was Karime’s maternal great-grandmother.

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