karen jensen Obituary Toronto CN Has sadly passed away – Death

Karen jensen Obituary -Karen Jensen, who was a resident of Lacey, Washington, did not live past March 6, 2022, and she did not live to see any other day either. She did not survive to see any other day. On that day, she took her own life. Her family and friends will remember her most for her humor, tolerance, and warmth the longest after she passed away. Her legacy will live on through its legacy.

Her legacy will live on through its legacy. Her legacy and impact will live on in perpetuity. When she was born in the year 1942, her parents, Kenn and Esther Johnson were overjoyed to welcome their new daughter into the world. When Karen was a little girl, she would frequently visit the beach house that her family had on Maury Island in Washington during the summer months.

Along with her parents and sister Nancy (Wilson), she would often be joined by her brother Kenn. Karen had her secondary education and graduated from it while it was still located in the city of Wilson, at the Wilson High School. She was a member of the school choir while she was a student there, and as a result of all of her hard work, she was chosen to be the homecoming queen at the end of her time there.

After that, she continued her education at Pacific Lutheran University, where she earned a degree in music and performed opera as part of her curriculum. During that same period, she was also a member of the chorus for the opera. After that, she continued her education by enrolling in classes at a different university to get her degree. After that, Karen tied the knot, bought a house in Lacey, Washington, and started working at Bank of America, where she would spend most of her working life.

During this time, she focused her attention on rearing her daughter Dana; but, she also made frequent trips to Horsehead Bay, the town in which she had been raised, in order to spend time with her parents and the rest of her large extended family. During this time, Dana was the primary subject of her attention and concern.

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