Kamryn Sanamo Caringbridge Obituary, Rice University’s Martel College Student Has Died

Kamryn Sanamo Obituary, Death – Kamryn Sanamo, a Martel College student at Rice University who studied exercise physiology and sports medicine, died on Thursday night after a long fight with brain cancer. She had just turned 21. Kamryn, who was born in Louisiana but grew up in Katy, Texas, really wanted to become a doctor because she had seen firsthand how much better people felt after getting good medical care. Before she turned 18, she had an appendectomy and two lumpectomies to remove fibroadenomas.

She also had surgery when she was in the seventh grade to fix a 9 mm hole in the fascia of her right shin. In an article about her bravery in the face of health problems that ran in Katy Magazine in October 2021, she said the following: “I wanted to become a doctor because I’ve met some really good doctors. After finishing third in her class at Katy High School in 2019, Kamryn got a full scholarship to Rice and was accepted into the prestigious Joint Admission Medical Program, which meant she could go to any Texas medical school after she graduated.

Kamryn’s mom, Dusty, talked about how much her daughter loved the Owls and remembered how happy Kamryn was when she got her Rice graduation ring. Kamryn, who likes to learn, says she was very happy to graduate this semester. Her life was a good example for people in college as well. Daniel Domingues da Silva, an associate history professor at Martel College and a magister, says that Kamryn “was a good student, a great friend, and a great person.” In a similar way, Bonnie Stroman, who was in charge of Martel College, remembered how much Kamryn loved the school and how she had been chosen as Homecoming queen the previous fall.

President Reginald DesRoches also thought of Kamryn. He said this about her: “She shone like a bright star and would do great things. Rice was lucky to have her for as long as she did, but she was taken away from us way too soon. We will never forget what she did for our community, and we will always be thankful for it.

Kamryn is survived by her mother, godfather Ben Sanamo and his wife Brittany Sanamo, her cousins Jake and Mia Sanamo, and her godmother Jensen Faucheux. Her brothers Karson and Karter, her father Trent Sanamo, and her grandparents Warren and Liz Sanamo, Keith and Torey Trosclair, are also still alive. Her mother died before she did, too. On January 8, there was a service for the dead in Katy.


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