Juniper Dillon Massachusetts Obituary, Juniper Dillon Sadly Passed Away At 2

Juniper Dillon Obituary, Death – We regret to inform you that an infant Juniper Ann Dillon passed away at home. Juniper was born to Kristen and Jack Dillon in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A ray of light bearing the name Juniper was called “Junie.” Despite the fact that she was born at a time when the world was undergoing change, she made the most of her brief life by brightening everyones. Our Junie Bug’s laughing was unceasing and she always seemed to be in a good mood, whether she was at home, at her Nonna’s house on their cherished Thursdays together, or at daycare, where she was loved by her peers and caregivers.

For Junie, a bump or boo-boo was quickly followed by a smile since she had a contagious smile and never stayed down for very long. She was compassionate, generous, and truly cared about other people. The “bumpy slide” and the swings were two of Junie’s favorite playground features since she enjoyed playing there. She had a solid foundation thanks to gymnastics, and she was joyful and upbeat when her family got together at the beach.

Spending time with her family, getting hugs and tickles from her father and mom, sharing treats with her grandparents, watching a family movie, and listening to “Hey Jude” before bed were some of her favorite activities. She loved to pretend play, read, and pull funny faces with her sister Annaleigh. The only issue we had was with her.
Junie will always be loved and missed by us. Once we let her access our hearts, she began to transform.

Juniper is survived by her parents Kristen and Jack, older sister Annaleigh, uncle Brendan Dillon, wife Rosie, cousins Sienna and Sophia, uncle Karl Triest, aunt Caroline, cousins Freddy and Evie, aunt Caroline Dillon, aunt Shannon Dillon, great-grandmother Rose Dillon, as well as a sizable number of other family members and friends. She is also survived by her grandparents Matthew and Delia Dillon, Richard and Cynthia Morvillo, and Bill Sekellick
Donations made in honor of a loved one can be sent to The Children’s Tumor Foundation, Mail Code: 6895, PO Box 7247, Philadelphia, PA 19170.


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