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Julian Bradshaw Death, Obituary – Boone Bradshaw died in the arms of his father on January 9, five days before his sixth birthday, in a tragic accident outside his home near Abernathy, Texas. Everyone in Boone’s immediate vicinity was filled with joy and light, especially his adoring parents, Sara and John Bradshaw. Boone was adopted by his parents when he was only two days old. His selfless birth mother crossed the Rio Grande to better the life of the baby she couldn’t care for herself.

Boone was born in Midland and quickly became his parents’ pride and joy. Boone, like many other young men, enjoyed being outside. He liked learning about animals and looking at their tracks. He became agitated when his parents refused to let him use his knife to stab a snared coyote two days before his death. He’d gone through one pony and was on his second. He was a natural horseman, calm and brave at all times. He had a dinosaur obsession and knew more about them than any paleontologist.

He was a good student who had spent his Christmas vacation practicing reading short sentences. He was looking forward to seeing his friends when he returned to school the next day. D.B. Cooper’s story and legend captivated him, and he could recount the entire ordeal that occurred 45 years before his birth. The best part was Boone’s bright personality. He was a cheerful, outgoing, talkative, and polite young man. He had an inquisitive, caring, and kind personality, as well as an infectious laugh.

He was gifted at making up stories, creating art, and cooking. He was ready to make his mark on the world, but no one knew where. Boone’s discovery of a small, gleaming white rock is displayed beside the sink in their home. “Momma, you’re prettier than this rock,” Boone said to his mother, ever the gentleman. Fox Boone’s older brother, Joaquin Bradshaw, died before him. Otey Shadden, Kitty Hinkle, Wayne Farmer, Debbie Westbrooks, Don and Debbie Farmer, Kim, David, Caleb, Colt, and Pax Jeffreys, Kate, Bryan, Jenna, and Kara Phillips, Coty Atwood, and Jason Lem are his children. Boone Bradshaw’s funeral will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. at the Abernathy United Church, officiated by Boone’s uncle, Dave Jeffreys. Abell Funeral Home & Flower Shop of Abernathy, TX will direct the burial at the Bradshaw residence.


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