Juergen Klinger Obituary, Western Area Judo Association Judo Coach Has Died

Juergen Klinger Obituary, Death – We are passing along the news of Juergen Klinger’s passing with a heavy heart because he was found dead over the weekend in Germany. Juergen was the High-Performance Judo Coach at Bath University. He was well-regarded all around the world for his extensive knowledge of the sport and his work as a coach to a large number of elite judoka. Juergen was always willing to support anyone who asked for help or simply wanted to discuss judo.

As a result, many of us have had the opportunity to chat with him and have gained vital information that has helped us in our roles as trainers. On a more personal note, Juergen was the primary impetus behind the establishment of the Western Area Summer Camp, which is now an enormously successful organization. He and his wife Sandra have been supporters of the Camp for a number of years.
I will be personally thankful to Juergen for the rest of my life because it was his Team Bath Academy program that made it possible for me to work at Kingsley School and take a new direction in my life, both of which have been incredible opportunities for me.

In addition, I shall be grateful to Juergen for his forward-thinking approach to enhancing the judo prospects available to everyone.
He was also the head coach for many of our Area Coaching Seminars, where he shared his knowledge and experiences with all of the Area’s coaches and clubs. He will be greatly missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with Sandra’s family during this most difficult time. So many people will have enjoyed working with or just chatting with Juergen, and they will have many memories of those times. He will be greatly missed, and we offer our thoughts and prayers to Sandra’s family.

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