Judy Davis Obituary, Judy Davis Has Peacefully Passed away

Judy Davis Death, Obituary – Judy passed away on January 7, 2023, having lived in this world for a total of 77 years. She had a life expectancy of 77 years. Distinguished Matriarch of Adam, Hayden, Aaron, and Clayton! Devoted Husband Larry’s Wife! She was the cherished grandmother to ten grandchildren, all of whom cherished the time they got to spend with their grandmother. All of the children who spent their formative years at our Club and looked up to Judy as a mentor saw her as a kind of surrogate mother who cared for them and provided guidance.

We want Larry and his sons to know that we are thinking about them and offering our condolences to them as they go through this very challenging time. Judy was an incredible supporter of Larry throughout the many years that he spent coaching and being involved in football at all levels in the Sunbury area, and she contributed significantly to his efforts. During those years, footy was played at all levels. The words that you just read are some of the ones that Hayden has said.

During this challenging time, know that you and Larry, along with the boys and their families, are in my thoughts and prayers. I am keeping each of you in my thoughts. The memories we have of the time we spent with Judy, who was a pleasant and pleasant lady, bring back feelings of warmth and fuzziness. Judy was a pleasant and pleasant lady. I hope and pray that Judy is able to find peace and comfort in the end. Sig and Bernie Purcell. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Clayton family, especially with Larry, Adam, Hayden, and Aaron, as well as the rest of their loved ones. Our deepest condolences go out to each and every one of them at this time. I have a lot of happy memories from my childhood, and I will always treasure them.


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