Judy Beard Obituary, Tupelo, Mississippi, Longtime Tupelo Public School educator dies

Judy Beard Obituary, Death – Judy Beard, beloved wife of Ward 3 Councilman Travis Beard has passed away on Wednesday, January 04, 2023. Judy was a longtime educator at Tupelo Public School. In addition to her long and successful career as a teacher in the Tupelo Public School District, Judy served for a number of years as the cheering coach at her former school. She was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi. Judy studied at The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss, she also studied Counseling at ICC, Mississippi State University, & University of Mississippi.

Tributes to Judy Beard; The Tupelo Kiwanis Club Tupelo sympathies Ward 3 Councilman Travis Beard and his family on the death of his wife Judy. “We are deeply grieved to learn of the death of Judy Beard, wife of Tupelo City Council member Travis Beard,” Tupelo Mayor Todd Jordan stated. “Judy worked as a teacher and cheering coach in the Tupelo Public School District for many years. Many people will miss her. Please remember the Beard family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Replogle-Lynn Sheffield- “Judy Beard has been a friend of mine since high school. It is not acceptable to befriend a teacher these days. But this isn’t about what’s acceptable; it’s about someone I met 30 years ago and have kept in touch with ever since! From the homecoming parade, where the seniors’ float said “Beard had a boy” (Mandy Vandiver Hall) when Peyton Beard was born, to my graduation from THS, where she took me to the side and said “let her take the pictures” (about my mama- and my mama snapped the photo of me and Judy) to the wedding and baby showers she threw for me, to the days she stood in the hallway @ NMMC women’s center while I was in labor Then she asked me to teach her two oldest grandchildren to swim, and I’m proud that I was able to be there with and for her while she was ill.

I was always told how much she adored her daughters, her “posse,” as she referred to them, and I got to witness this myself. God works in mysterious ways – and he works even more mysteriously through people who love him – and Judy did love the Lord! Ellen W Caldwell, as I repeatedly told Judy, I admire your courage, and Judy admired yours (and mine). She was able to tell us that (and much more hehe), for which I will be eternally grateful! I wouldn’t trade the minutes God granted us with her over the previous few weeks for anything…. And how this pushed us even closer together! Please pray for Travis Beard, Tyler Beard, and Peyton – they are a fine group of men who adored our Judy – as do we all!! I’m attaching photos of her and myself, as well as a sunset that I believe Judy and God painted for all of us tonight to remind us that SHE IS HOME!”

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