Judith Bilick Obituary, 80 Years-Old, Judith Bilick Of Bonifay, Florida, Has Passed Away

Judith Bilick Obituary, Death – Mrs. Judith Patricia Hurt Blick, who had reached the age of 80 when she passed away on January 21, 2023 at Doctors Memorial Hospital in Bonifay, which is located in the state of Florida, was cared for there prior to her passing. Her passing occurred at the hospital, which is located in the city of Florida. Mrs. Judith Patricia Hurt Bilick passed away while she was receiving medical treatment at the hospital. She believed that the Bonifay area in Florida was her real home, and when she was there, she experienced the deepest level of contentment and happiness that she had ever known. She entered this world on June 9, 1942, in the county of Metcalfe, Kentucky, which is located within the state of Kentucky and is referred to simply as the state of Kentucky. Her birthplace was in the state of Kentucky.

Beulah “Mickey” Mae Garman Wright, Judith’s mother, and Deborah Michelle Gore, one of Judith’s kids, had already passed away prior to Judith’s demise. Judith’s mother had been Judith’s caregiver until her passing. One of Judith’s offspring was a woman named Deborah Michelle Gore. Everyone was shocked when they heard the news about Judith’s dying away. Judith herself had already parted ways with us by the time we reached this point. Her family was already in a state of grief when she was born because her maternal grandpa, Robert Lee Hurt, had already passed away previous to her birth. When she was born, they were already in mourning for him.

Judith is survived by her husband, Tim Bilick; one daughter and her husband, Cheryl Finney and Eric Finney; one brother, Gail Alan Sparks; three grandchildren, Crystal Green, Stanley Helms, and Calvin Helms; seven great-grandchildren, Savanna Helms, Devon Green, Michael Green, Leslie Green, Erykah Green, Calvin Helms Jr., and Patricia Aguilar; and one brother, Gail Alan Sparks. Judith is also survived by her husband, Tim Bi Judith is not only survived by her children, but also by her husband, Tim Bi. Not only does Judith leave behind her children, but also her husband, Tim Bi, who will miss her dearly. Not only does Judith have to say goodbye to her children, but she also has to say goodbye to her husband, Tim Bi, who will mourn her passing deeply. Not only does Judith have to say goodbye to her children, but she also has to say goodbye to her husband, Tim Bi, who will be terribly saddened by her departure. Judith’s children and husband will mourn her passing severely.


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