Jordan Ellisor Obituary, Jordan Ellisor Killed In Huntsville Texas Car Accident

Jordan Ellisor Obituary, Death – Today was your 19th birthday, but I’ll never forget the little boy who used to sit in my lap and play football with me on every holiday. Even though you’re now an adult, I’ll always remember you as that kid. It makes me happy to see how much you’ve developed since then! There are times when life does not behave in a reasonable manner. The lives of the evil are so much longer than those of the great, who are snatched from us far too soon after they have achieved so much in their fields.

You, Jordan Ellisor, will forever have a unique and significant place in my heart. In the meantime, I pray that you are able to find solace in the knowledge that you will see me again soon. I am very sorry that you, Stacey, and her family have had to experience the loss that you have. He was needed in the heavenly realm. You are entirely accurate; the circumstance is not fair, and we do not see why this is the case. I shall pray that God would bless each one of you.

He was such an amazing person that if he went into a room, it would instantly become brighter just because he was there, and even on the gloomiest of days, he could make everyone who was around him smile. He never did anything without a smile on his face, and he will be missed and treasured for as long as time and eternity allow us to do so.


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