Jonathan Buchan Obituary, Los Angeles County California Jonathan Buchan Has Passed Away

Jonathan Buchan Obituary, Death – Fighting back tears and emotions I had no idea existed. The anguish I’m experiencing is impossible to convey or put into words… It’s inexplicable to learn that your childhood best friend has passed away. Few people have great buddies for life like Jon and me. He was the very definition of a gentleman. He seemed like a giant to us as kids, and he was built like Paul Bunyan. Jon was bold, strong, and humble; he was sensitive and gentle, tender and kind, and he adored everyone who mattered to him. Most people would describe Jon as quiet, but I couldn’t get him to stop talking whenever we were together. Everyone’s attention was pulled to Jon when he spoke. You could sense he was going to stay for something essential. His voice was as tall as he was, and his contagious laugh was followed by a subtle yet amusing sense of humor.

He never sought attention, but always gave in when it was demanded of him. Despite the fact that he never set out to outperform himself, his self-esteem was so high that he was always at the top of his class. We struck it off right immediately when we met in preschool. We were like Sam and Frodo in that we were always looking for new experiences. We’d go exploring in any wooded area we could find, create fires, and simply sit and speak, occasionally causing damage… But not enough to cause severe issues. We went through periods of separation as we grew older, but when we were reunited, it was as if we had never been apart. Jon joined the Marine Corps after high school, eventually becoming a Recon Marine and serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

He was finally home for real after a spell with the hot shots and a few years performing military contract work in Kabul. I was both proud of him and excited to see him explore this new career after completing his bachelor’s degree. Life was pleasant and progressing. You learn about efforts to raise awareness about the 22 veterans who commit suicide each day. The magnitude of the impact is never fully appreciated until it is thrust upon you. Be aware, make yourself available for assistance, check in frequently, and simply listen or even be silent. There is sometimes optimism in the midst of misery and despair. And in other circumstances, the debate has serious ramifications. Every memory, every anecdote, every sympathy, and, most importantly, our friendship will be remembered for the rest of our lives. I’m not going to sit here and say that there was anything I could or should have done because you would have hated it. I understand the burden and agony you experienced, but I will never judge you for it. You will forever be my hero.


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