John Sliwerski Obituary

John Sliwerski Obituary, Co-owner Of Corey’s Closet John Sliwerski Has Passed Away

John Sliwerski Death, Obituary – A co-owner of Corey’s Closet who passed away unexpectedly yesterday, John Sliwerski, left behind a void in our community that can only be filled by the knowledge that he is now content once more in his heavenly home. He was not just a friend of mine, but someone we looked up to as a role model because of his commitment to the development of conditions that permitted people with a range of disabilities to flourish and feel significant and productive.

He was someone we looked up to because of his dedication to establishing settings that enabled people with disabilities to flourish and feel like they were contributing to society. In the same way that this person has been able to do so, we hope to be able to have a legacy and positively touch humanity. Every time we saw this man during my whole life, his face was always lit by a broad grin. We pass him every day as we travel to my own business. In addition to the several other responsibilities that come with our line of work, he is constantly hard at work arranging and categorizing.

We watch him juggle numerous tasks, in other words. He wasn’t exactly a beginner when it came to exerting a lot of effort, by any stretch of the imagination. His entire family is quite active in the life of our neighborhood. John provided a wonderful illustration of how kindness and consideration should be displayed. I’d want to ask you to join me tomorrow in doing something extremely nice in his honor. Embody daily the same compassion and love for one another that Jesus embodied.

We sincerely and deeply love each and every one of you Sliwerskis. Please keep in mind that tomorrow is not assured, offer a bravery prayer for his family and your own tonight, and give extra hugs and kisses to those you care about. John It will be unusual not to see you outside, beeping and waving to each other as we frequently have in the past. The lost time disappeared in an instant.


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