John Pelt Obituary Raleigh NC, Has sadly passed away – Death

John Pelt Obituary – After finding that an old friend of mine named John Van Pelt had passed away earlier today, I was left in a state of complete and utter despair. I will miss him terribly. Due to the fact that we were members of the same section of the marching band for a significant portion of our time together in high school and college, we developed a strong friendship.

In spite of the fact that we had both graduated from the same school, we were still able to keep in touch with one another thanks to our commitment to maintaining open lines of communication. This evening, my heart is bleeding for every member of the WeatherNation family, both those who have come before us and those who are still a part of it now! The very first time I ever competed in this industry was at the X-Games, which were held in Aspen many years ago.

John Van Pelt (also known as JVP), who was present at the time, more or less walked beside me and held my hand during the entire process. Those of a certain age may know him from his time spent in the 1980s as the morning DJ on the radio station G-105. Those who are younger may not remember him. There were some people within a particular age range who may recall him. Because he had such a successful career in the business of broadcasting, his voice may also be heard on other stations in the Raleigh area.

This is because of the fact that he had such a successful career. The fact that he was successfully allowed for the establishment of these stations. He had a voice that was perfectly suited for radio transmission on both AM and FM frequencies. In addition to all of these things, he was an outstanding representation of the human race. We are going to miss having him here with us since it has been a wonderful experience overall having him here with us.

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