John Keaton Obituary, John Keaton Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

John Keaton Obituary, Death– The identity of the bicyclist who was murdered in a hit and run event that occurred on January 5 in Holyoke has been revealed to be Jorge Meeswee Calderon, a 22-year-old man from Lawrence.

The incident took place in Holyoke. His relatives provided MassLive with confirmation of this information and indicated that Jorge Meeswee Calderon was the one who was slain in the incident. For the purposes of MassLive, this information was verified by a member of his immediate family.

On the evening of January 5th, at around 7:50 p.m., the police were summoned to the intersection of Cabot Street and Canal Street in response to a report of a bicycle rider who had been hit by a motor vehicle while riding their bicycle.

When the crash took place, the cyclist was riding in the roadway as he normally would. You’ll locate the crossroads at the intersection of Cabot Street and Canal Street, which is also the beginning of Canal Street. Cabot Street and Canal Street both begin at this point.

When the police came, they found a guy lying on the ground who they later confirmed to be Calderon. Calderon had been shot and killed. The individual was unresponsive and unconscious.

The man was riding a bicycle when the incident took place, therefore he was not directly involved. The injured bicyclist was given immediate care by emergency services, and then they transported him to a hospital in the Holyoke region so that he could receive more medical treatment there. The injured bicyclist was critically injured.

The injured biker is currently making a recovery. On Thursday, January 12, members of Calderon’s family and friends informed members of the community that the 22-year-old had passed away as a result of the injuries he had sustained as a direct result of the tragedy.

Calderon’s death was a direct result of the injuries he had sustained as a direct result of the tragedy. The injuries that Calderon had received as a direct result of the tragedy ultimately led to his passing, which was a direct outcome of those injuries. As a result of the accident, which left me with injuries, I today struggle with a variety of conditions.

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