John Hawkins Obituary, Artscape Mourns Former Theatre Manager John Hawkins Death

John Hawkins Obituary, Death – John Hawkins went away after a relatively brief battle with illness, and the news of his passing was welcomed with incomprehensible anguish from each and every one of us. His passing was met with unfathomable grief. Due to his passing, we all feel a great sense of loss.

Marlene le Roux, the Chief Executive Officer of Artscape, commended John on the consistent dedication to the arts that he has demonstrated throughout his life. John was the recipient of these great words of praise from Marlene le Roux.
It is accurate to say that John was an invaluable worker at Artscape for many years, and it is also accurate to add that he was a key component of the company’s fixtures during that time Both of these statements are true.

It was well known that he had a great comprehension of the arts as well as a deep-seated enthusiasm for them. It was also well known that he took a strong interest in the plays that were produced on our stages. This was something that was commonly known. Both of these facts were widely known to the general public.

He finally put up his clipboard and retired after a lifetime of duty at Artscape, where he was beloved for his even temper and genial disposition. His retirement came after a career of service at Artscape. After spending his whole life working for the company, he made the difficult decision to hang up his boots and retire.

In addition to individuals who worked for the company and those who were interested in the firm, he was well-known to a sizeable portion of our clientele who were also familiar with people who were interested in the company. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my most sincere sympathies, as well as the condolences of my fellow colleagues here at Artscape, to his family, friends, and loved ones who have recently gone away. I am truly sorry for the loss that you have suffered.

I want to express my deepest condolences for the loss that you have endured. As this chapter comes to an end and an era comes to a close, John Hawkins, may you finally find the peace and rest that can only come from being held in the arms of God. May this be the case for you.

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