John Gunshore, 68, John Gunshore of Springfield Township, passed away unexpectedly

John Gunshore Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, December 27, 2022, John Walter Gunshore, who had been a hermit for the past 68 years and had been living alone in his house, passed away unexpectedly. He had been a recluse for the entirety of his life. He was born and raised in Springfield Township, and the community that bears his name today is named for him. Those of You Who Are Still Alive, Hear This Warning: Gunshore When he married his bride, Elizabeth M. Gunshore, who was also a member of the Gunshore family, he changed his name to Karaly and adopted the Gunshore surname. In addition to that, the two of them were married. On July 2, 1954, John Gunshore entered the world in Allentown, which was also the location of his birth.

Danielsville was Mary Jane (Wirth) Gunshore’s hometown when she was growing up and became the mother of John. Mary Jane (Wirth) Gunshore was formerly married to Walter L. Gunshore, but he passed away before their wedding could take place. Mary Jane later remarried and changed her surname to Gunshore. After the passing of her first husband, she wed Walter L. Gunshore as her second spouse. John’s place of employment, the Telford-based company Cer-Mac Inc., specialized in precision machining, and John held the position of precision machining specialist there. John was an employee there. He was a loving family man who spent his entire life taking care of the people he loved. Gardening was another one of his jobs, and he approached it with meticulous attention to detail. Last but not least, he was a fanatical collector of clocks who was completely consumed by his collection.

In addition to his devoted wife of 46 years; children: Jamie L. Rockefeller (Colby) of Phoenixville, Jared J. Gunshore (Lauren) of Bethlehem, and Jonathan R. Gunshore (Sarah) of Bethlehem; grandchildren: Evelina and a grandson who is anticipated to be born in January 2023; in addition to treasured dogs: Meena, Olivia, and Izzy. When he was born, his father had already passed away from a previous illness. John was the only member of his family to survive both of his brothers, Scott A. and Jeffrey L., both of whom had passed away prior to John. Scott A. and Jeffrey L. John was the only member of his family to outlive both of his brothers. John was the only member of his family to outlast all of his other brothers and sisters.

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