John Castor Obituary, Victims Killed In Double-fatal Vehicle Crash in Shelby County, Tennessee

John Castor Obituary, Death – Rafael Sanchez and John Castor were identified as the two people who tragically lost their lives as a result of a vehicle accident that took place on Sunday in Shelby County, Tennessee. This information has been confirmed by the local authorities. Castor and Sanchez, both of whom were 22 years old, were killed in a single-car collision in the wee hours of Sunday morning in Memphis. The tragedy occurred near the early hours of the morning. Both of their deaths were discovered inside the vehicle where they were traveling. It was discovered at the scene that both of them had passed away from their injuries.

The accident only involved a single automobile in its entirety. Reports indicate that the police were called to the scene of a crash involving a single vehicle at approximately 12:15 a.m. on Sunday morning at Pinnacle Point close to the intersection of East Shelby Drive and Hacks Cross Road. The crash took place in the vicinity of Hacks Cross Road and East Shelby Drive. The collision was centered around Hacks Cross Road and East Shelby Drive in that same area. Within the same general region, the crash occurred near the intersection of Hacks Cross Road and East Shelby Drive. The collision happened in the area surrounding Hacks Cross Road, about in that spot, in the community that was nearby.

They located a vehicle that had been in an accident when they arrived, and inside the vehicle, they found two people who were unresponsive. Both of the people were unconscious. The two people that were in the automobile were both located inside the vehicle at the time. In the collision that took occurred, one of the vehicles that was involved was an automobile. It was discovered that both of the individuals had had wounds that were consistent with blunt force trauma, which, in the end, caused them to pass away at the scene of the accident where they were found. The inquiry into the disaster is still ongoing, and the detectives are making a concerted effort to determine what led to the disastrous outcome of the situation.


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