John Blair Obituary, John Blair Has Passed Away

John Blair Obituary, Death – John B. Blair, who was born and raised in Maitland, Florida, and remained a resident of that city until the day he passed away there on November 23, 2022, at the age of 94, has departed from both this life and the one that we are familiar with. The 23rd of November, 2022 was the day he passed away. John spent most of his professional life acting as the administrator of fine arts for Seminole County and as the director of bands at Lyman High School. Both of these positions were quite rewarding for John. John spent the majority of his time in the labor engaged in this particular occupation.

John focused the majority of his professional time, energy, and attention on this endeavor for a significant portion of his working life. Because he was able to properly balance both of these obligations, he was able to achieve a large level of success in his professional life. Specifically, he was able to: Because of this, he was able to accomplish much more. Before John left for his journey, both his daughter Sara Treat and his wife LeFaun M. Blair had already left for the places where they were going to spend their time apart from John. Both John and his wife, LeFaun, who were Sara’s biological parents, were responsible for her upbringing. Sara is John’s daughter. Only John, out of the three individuals, was successful in evacuating the possibly lethal scenario in one piece.

After his death, the only surviving members of his family were his two daughters, Ellen Blair and Susan Blair, as well as his four grandkids, eight great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. His great-great-grandchildren were the only members of his family to survive after his departure. After he had died away, the only members of his family who were still alive were the two of them. After his death, he will be succeeded by a combined total of eight great-grandchildren. Furthermore, he will never have any grandchildren.

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