JoAnn Clapp Obituary, Walla Walla, Member of Rock Steady Boxing ZAP Has Died

JoAnn Clapp Obituary, Death – JoAnn Clapp has passed away on Friday, January 20, 2023. In November of 2015, JoAnn and Jim Clapp led their family in a move across the country to Walla Walla, Washington. Not too much time passed between their arrival in the region and when they were given information regarding the Rock Steady Boxing – ZAP Walla Walla program. Patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease will benefit from this program by having their overall health improved. Because of her quick learning and adaptability, JoAnn quickly became their prize fighter and quickly overcame her original anxiety of entering the ring.

JoAnn was initially concerned about entering the ring, but thanks to her quick knowledge and adaptability, she did so. JoAnn began to look forward to her training three days a week and enjoyed so many wonderful experiences with all of the other boxers as a direct result of the consistent instruction that she received from Ramon (Junior) Zamora and his wife Jennifer. This instruction was provided by Ramon (Junior) Zamora and his wife Jennifer. The fact that Ramon (Junior) Zamora is married to Jennifer, who also happens to be his wife, made it possible for this to happen. Even though Jim was simply there in the capacity of a chaperone, he took part in the lessons and screamed alongside the students the entire time.

We will be eternally grateful to “Junior’s” classes for instilling in her an abundant quantity of inner strength and self-assurance that she will be able to carry with her throughout her entire life. Rock Steady Boxing will be able to get closer to attaining its goal with the assistance of donations, and those contributions will go toward maintaining the local program. After JoAnn died away on January 24, a memorial service honoring her life will be held on Thursday, January 26 at three o’clock in the afternoon at Christ Lutheran Church. There will be a reception held at Amavi Cellars beginning at four in the afternoon and continuing until six in the evening, immediately following the service that will take place there.

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