Jessie Decker “Wildcat” Obituary, East & West High School Bremerton Alunmi Has Died

Jessie Decker Death, Obituary – Another beloved member of the Wildcat family who passed away lately was Jessie Decker, who received her diploma from West High School in 1978. Jessie Decker was a member of the Wildcat family. We are keeping her loved ones and those who were extremely close to her in our thoughts and prayers at this time. I pray that she finds eternal rest. The following is an honest and heartfelt statement from her daughter Ash, which you may read here:

“This morning, Jessie Decker, who was my mother, passed away while she was resting sweetly in her sleep. I tell you this with the heaviest of hearts because I know how much it will hurt you. She fought against her body for a very long time and put a lot of work into it, but it was just not intended to be successful on her part. It was the year 63 at the time. She carried herself in a resolute manner. I never skipped an opportunity to emphasize to her how tenacious and powerful she was.

She persisted in her efforts despite the fact that a great number of other people would have given up a long time ago. She was still my mother, and despite the fact that our relationship had just as many problems as any other, I loved her and knew that I would continue to love her. She instilled in me the importance of having sympathy for people and being concerned about their well-being. She instilled in me a concern for the welfare of people all around the world and the situation the world is in.

As some of you are able to attest to, she was unabashedly herself and, for the most part, did not disguise her opinions or her fear of expressing them. She also did not hide her reluctance to express them. I pray that she is freed from all of her anguish and that all of her needs are met. I’ll never be able to get over how much I long for you. I promise that my love for you will never end. Relax, Mom, this will pass.”

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