Jeffrey Dickens Obituary, 40 Years-Old, Jeffrey Dickens of Ashford, Has Sadly Passed Away

Jeffrey Dickens Obituary, Death – Jeffrey Ryan Dickens, age 40, from Ashford, Connecticut, passed away in a tragic and unexpected manner at his residence on January 15, 2023, just after returning home from his place of employment. Jeffrey was a resident of Ashford. Jeff has worked in the coal mining industry for the past 21 years, and he is currently employed by Blackhawk Speed Mines at their site in Cabin Creek. Jeff’s career in this industry began in the year 1996. Jeff was a wonderful family man who did an outstanding job in all of the positions to which he was assigned, including those of husband, father, son, and brother. Everyone who loved him will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. In addition to that, he put in a significant amount of effort. He was an ardent advocate for going outside and spending time in nature, and he pushed his children to participate in as many different kinds of sports as they could. Jeff was not the least bit self-absorbed; rather, he was the type of person who put the needs of others ahead of his own necessities at all times.

His great-grandparents James and Della Dickens and June Persinger, in addition to his nephew Austin Stratton and a huge number of other relatives, had already passed away by the time he was born, thus many members of his family had already passed away before he was even born. His mother, Paula Dickens; his father, Johnny Dickens (who is married to Ann); his brother, John Dickens (who is married to Angela); his sister, Renee Gibson (who is married to Brant); his in-laws, Ronnie and Martha Barker; his brother-in-law, Ronnie Barker (who is married to Mary Ann); and his nieces and nephews, Haley, Sam, Emma, Seth, and Ethan Jeff leaves behind only Michelle, the woman who he described as the love of his life and with whom he had been in a committed relationship ever since they met.

The service will be held in the Ashford Church of God Holiness on the afternoon of Sunday, January 22, 2023, at two o’clock in the afternoon. The address of the church is 231 Ashford-Nellis Road, and it can be found in the community of Ashford. It has been decided that Randell Kinder and Randy Saunders will preside over the event as the pastors in charge of the religious ceremonies. Within Graceland Memorial Park, there is a mausoleum that will serve as the location for both the funeral and the following interment of the deceased. In the church, commencing two hours before the start of the ceremony, there will be a reception for friends and family members of the family who will be attending the ceremony.


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