Jeff Capps Obituary, Guitarist, Jeff Capps Has Sadly Passed Away

Jeff Capps Obituary, Death – Jeff Capps Has Passed away unexpectedly. On the day he was born, April 9, his parents, Billy E. and Wanda McCamish Capps, were present in Ogden, Utah, to welcome their new son into the world. Portland, Oregon was host to Jeff and Karen Olsen’s wedding; however, the couple ultimately divorced and ended their marriage after experiencing marital problems. Jeff was a devout member of the LDS Church and spent his childhood in Ogden, which is also where he received his schooling. Both of these things contributed to his devotion to the church. Additionally, Jeff received his education in Ogden.

Because he showed a genuine interest in his children and cared for them in the same manner that a mother would, his kids fondly referred to him as “Mr. Mom” as they were growing up. Today, they still call him by that endearing name. In addition to this, he was an extremely influential figure in the lives of his two nieces and nephews throughout their childhood. Jeff held a number of different jobs, some of which included working in a warehouse, installing siding, and moving furniture. He was also worked in a number of these positions. The presence of Jeff as a coach for the Ogden City Recreation basketball team was truly a gift for the organization. Everyone found his tales entertaining to hear since he had a wonderful sense of humor and was a natural storyteller.

Both his mother Wanda Capps and his brother Lance Silva call the city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada their place of residence. Ogden is the place where his aunt Jackie, his niece and nephew Melanie and Jordan Morley, and his uncle Warren (Kaye) McCamish all call home. Tricia and Andrew Morley, who are his niece and nephew, currently reside in the city of Portland, Oregon. The city of Ogden is home to both of his aunt Jackie and uncle Warren (Kaye) McCamish. After Jeff’s passing, his kids, Justin and Bradley Capps, as well as his father, Billy E. Capps, will carry on his legacy. Before he passed away, his older brother Lamar Leon Capps had already crossed over to the other side. He was the lone survivor of his family at that point in time.

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