Jaye Sinkfield Obituary, Saint Paul MN, Jaye Sinkfield Has Passed Away

Jaye Sinkfield Obituary, Death – Jaye Sinkfield Obituary, My name is Olivia, and I’m organizing this fundraising on behalf of my mother, Tammy, brother Jordan, and the entire Sinkfield family to help with funeral and memorial expenses in memory of Jaye Sinkfield, who passed away unexpectedly this weekend. The funds will be distributed directly to the family, allowing Tammy and other family members to take much-needed time off from work to grieve without financial stress. Jaye was well-known, and everybody who knew Jaye understood how big their heart was. You’d grown accustomed to their contagious laugh, grin, and delight. If you were lucky enough to call Jaye a family member or a friend, you know what a huge loss this is for the world.

Jaye, also known as DIVAJ, had amazing musical skills and went on to create multiple albums and songs that showcased not just their ability to rap, but also their ability to write extremely insightful and profound words. Jaye was always passionate about encouraging black femme queer artists and people. They were strong advocates and campaigners in their respective areas. They were awarded a McKnight Musician Fellowship Grant in 2022, which they took extremely seriously in order to continue influencing the world through their music. Jaye earned a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies from Metropolitan State University in 2022. They started working at Apple in 2017 and were responsible for a number of jobs in addition to their musical abilities.

Jaye loved many people, including her brothers, children, and grandchildren. As a result of their early death, many individuals have been left bereaved. Their delight and love outweighed everyone else’s in the world. Please consider donating so that Tammy, Jordan, and the rest of the family can mourn Jaye’s death without financial burden. Please spread the word; even if you are unable to help, someone else may be. It would mean a lot to me, Tammy, Jordan, and the rest of Jaye’s family if you could also contribute a memory or story about Jaye. In our hearts, you will always be adored and honored. Jaye.

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