Jaydon Mahadeo Obituary, Two Killed in St Ann’s crash after party

Jaydon Mahadeo Obituary, Death – A 15-YEAR-OLD child was one of the two people who died in an automobile accident on New Year’s Day in St. Ann’s. On January 1, the incident took place close to St Ann’s Main Road at about 1:30 pm, and CCTV cameras captured it. The automobile, a black Nissan Sylphy driven by the driver, was speeding north when it approached the Bread Basket location. The driver lost control of the car at that point. Before crashing into a wall, the car collided with a road.

Locals who saw the collision rushed to aid the six people inside the cars. These were 15-year-old Jaydon Mahadeo and 27-year-old David Baptiste, both of whom were from St. Ann’s. After the police and paramedics were notified, the injured were all transported to Port of Spain General Hospital, where Baptiste passed tragically that evening while undergoing treatment. Mahadeo died the following day. In the car with him were Baptiste and Mahadeo.

According to the police, a third person is still in the hospital and is in severe condition. He is also 15 years old. Before being released, the other three automobile occupants underwent medical attention. The party had been held that morning on St. Paul Street in Port of Spain’s East Dry River area, and the passengers in the automobile had just left it. The driver is cooperating with the investigators. The Express received information that Mahadeo was visiting his father at Hutton Road in St. Ann’s while residing on Bhagaloo Street in Enterprise.

These were the first two traffic fatalities of 2023. In the past year, 91 traffic fatalities were recorded. In Trinidad and Tobago, there haven’t been as many traffic fatalities since 1956 when there were 93. In 2021, there were 75 fatal road accidents. Observe the rules of the road. Brent Batson, the head of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s road safety division, spoke to the Express about his sorrow over the deaths. He pleaded with people to abide by the rules of the road, including the posted speed limit and the necessity to wear a seatbelt.

According to early reports, the main factors that contributed to the accident’s strong collision and loss of control that were documented on social media were driving too fast and traffic congestion said Batson on Monday. “Drivers are reminded to practice prudence behind the wheel and to designate a driver if they intend to or have consumed alcohol as the country gets ready for a brief period loaded with events known as Carnival. They can also use various taxi services and ride-sharing services.

Due to the number of events planned during Carnival, fatigue from driving may potentially contribute to collisions from drivers falling asleep at the wheel. He continued, “We strongly advise drivers not to operate a vehicle if they are too drowsy or disoriented to do so. Batson informed the Express on Friday that 8,910 drivers had received fixed penalty notices for speeding.

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