Janet Lord Obituary, Resident Of Jacksonville Florida, Peacefully Passed Away

Janet Lord Obituary, Death – This morning, Janet Gray Lord went away peacefully while being held by her Lord. She was cradled in his arms. It would mean a lot to her loved ones and friends if you could keep them in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Most importantly, let us all make it our purpose to spread joy around the world in the same way that Janet has done, so that the world can become a happier place overall! Janet Geraldine Gray, who was 67 years old when she passed away on December 14, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida, was the location of her passing. Her final wish was granted when she was given the chance to spend the holidays with her son Horace and his wife. This was the fulfillment of her dying wish (Amber).

On February 27, 1955, in the town of Hanover-Haddington, Matilda Lawrence and David Grey became parents for the first time. They named their daughter Janet (Jamaica). Janet was the head of the household at all times, despite the fact that she was the youngest of seven children and the only one who lived in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The individual in whom others would place their faith so that they may obtain guidance and/or support. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in education, she worked as a primary school teacher for almost 40 years after she began her career in the field. She was considered a student at both the Corinaldi Primary School and the Mount Alvernia Preparatory School.

Activities such as singing in the choir, attending to church, instructing or tutoring, reading, and taking excursions were all things that Janet looked forward to doing in her spare time. The only members of Janet’s family to have survived her passing are her one and only son, Horace C. Robinson (Amber), her three sisters (Rosmin, Olga, and Noranelle), two nieces, and three nephews. Horace C. Robinson (Amber) is also known as “Amber.” Her brothers Pervis, Bruce, and Ewan all passed away before she did. Her passing came as a surprise to everyone. Everyone who had the opportunity to interact with Janet during her lifetime will remember her for the wonderful personal and professional influence she had on them, and her legacy will live on in the thoughts and hearts of those individuals long after she has passed away.

A memorial ceremony will be held on Friday, January 20 at 2:00 p.m. and will take place online through Google Meets. This is due to the sudden and unfortunate circumstances that surrounded Janet’s departure. We will get in touch with those individuals at a later date who have indicated that they are interested in attending the event. (We will only be able to accommodate a maximum of one hundred guests at this event.)
You are more than welcome to send the Grey family your most sincere condolences and thoughts by visiting their online guestbook at www.hgriversidefuneralhome.com.



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