Jane Walters NCUA Obituary, Florida, Jane Walters Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Jane Walters Obituary, Death – Jane Walters, who had been living in the city of Charlotte in the state of Michigan, passed away on Friday at the River Inn AFC Home in Sunfield, which is also located in the state of Michigan. Mrs. Walters was born in Charlotte in 1919, and she has maintained a continuous residence in the city ever since that year. Charles and Ethel (Mitten) Wilson were her parents’ names. Her middle name was Mitten. She was born on April 26 in Harper County, Kansas, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walters, were her parents. Mrs. Walters was their daughter.

She was a member of the Sunfield United Brethren Church in addition to the Woman’s Missionary Association and the Crossroads Church of the United Brethren in Christ in Charlotte, where she was also a member. She had spent the previous 29 years working as a volunteer for the Red Cross at the Hayes-Green-Beach Hospital, assisting people with their healthcare needs. Additionally, she cherished the time she was able to spend with her family and looked forward to the get-togethers that she attended with them.

The following members of the Walters family are still with us today: three sons, Donald Walters of Charlotte, Gary Walters of Charlotte, and Max Walters of Summerfield, FL; two daughters, Suzanne (Howard) Cherry of Warren, IN, and Phyllis (Paul) Whitney of Hart, MI; 20 grandchildren; 48 great grandchildren; and 21 great great grandchildren, with an additional four “on the way.” Her husband, Guy C. Walters, who passed away in the year 1990; her four grandchildren, Todd Walters, Deborah O’Bryant, Steve Walters, and Eugene Walters; and her two daughters-in-law, Eleanor Walters and Shirley Walters all passed away before she did.

Her two daughters-in-law were named Eleanor Walters and Shirley Walters. Her four grandchildren were named Todd Walters, Steve Walters, and Eugene Walters. Eleanor Walters, who was her daughter-in-law, is the only person who will remember her. Her husband had passed away in the year 1990 at the time of this writing.

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