James Campos Obituary, 25-year-old Seymour man died in fatal motorcycle crash

James Campos Obituary, Death – James Robert Campos, 25, a resident of Seymour, was pronounced dead at the site of a motorbike accident that took place at around four o’clock on Sunday afternoon on 367 FM. The accident was said to have occurred in Seymour. The crash occurred in the middle of the highway where traffic was moving. The incident occurred as the groups were making their way to the Seymour Fairgrounds, which were nearby. After the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined that the occurrence was to blame for the passing of a person’s life that had been lost.

According to statements made by Sgt. Dan Buesing of the DPS, Campos was ejected from his motorcycle after it went into a ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch after it went into the ditch. Buesing was kind enough to supply me with this information. Campos was hurt because he was thrown off his motorcycle after it skidded off the road and into the ditch. As a consequence of his injuries, Campos was ejected from the motorcycle.

A second biker went off the road and into the ditch after they were unable to maintain control of their bicycle and manage the turn. The accident took place as a result of the cyclist’s inability to successfully navigate the turn. He was flown to the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth by helicopter because the injuries he sustained were so severe.According to Buesing, the two people who were involved in the incident on their motorcycles had been traveling together before to the event that was in issue before it occurred.

In addition to specialists from the Texas Department of Public Safety, there are currently representatives from a number of organizations situated in Wichita County present at the scene of the accident in Wichita County. The accident occurred in Wichita County.The investigation into the occurrence that took occurred, which is being carried out by the Department of Public Safety, has not yet resulted in a definitive verdict.

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