Jamea Harris Obituary, Tuscaloosa Residence Mourns Jamea Harris Death

Jamea Harris Obituary, Death – According to the statements made by the distraught mother of the victim who was driving down the Strip in Tuscaloosa, the young woman who was slain while driving along the Strip was well-liked by everyone. She was killed while driving along the Strip in Tuscaloosa. Jamea Jonae Harris, age 23, passed away unexpectedly late in the evening on Saturday or early in the morning on Sunday.

In an interview with AL.com, DeCarla Cotton described her as “a lovely young woman who loved her family, and most of all her 5-year-old son Kaine.” Cotton’s comments were made in reference to the deceased woman’s son. “Her love for him was unrivaled by anything else in the universe.” Cotton provided the following explanation:

“He was her entire universe.” The following phrase reinforces the point made in the previous one: “All she wanted to do was spend some quality time with her cousin, who attends the University of Alabama, and her boyfriend.” The following was a post that Cotton made on his Facebook page:

The mother asserted that she had killed her child since the youngster would not communicate with the father. The father denied the mother’s claim. According to Kennedi Henderson, who was her first cousin once removed, “She was a humble spirit, and she was always a pleasant person.” [Citation needed] It turned out that Kennedi Henderson was actually her second cousin once removed. It was almost as though we reached the age of majority at the exact same time. As a result of her management, Henderson claims that “she kept the cousins together and encouraged us to be the greatest versions of ourselves.

” This is due to the fact that she “kept the cousins together.” Sincerely, she was the most wonderful little cousin anyone could have wished for at any point in their lives. She was always there for them and always made them smile. She stated that both she and her family were in a state of complete disbelief that something of this nature had happened to her.

Additionally, she mentioned that she was taken aback by it. She exclaimed that her “family and I are just in complete and utter surprise” at the news. At this point, all we ask is for your prayers, so please keep us in your thoughts. I am grateful.

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