Jacqui Ertischek Obituary, Founder Of 2 Friends Gallery, Has Saddly Passed Away

Jacqui Ertischek Obituary, Death – We remember Jacqui Ertischek, the woman who founded 2 Friends, with sadness because she died lately. She was much liked by everyone who worked with her, so we will be closing the store at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 21st, to allow employees to attend the memorial ceremony she has planned. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Do you ever notice how a surge of strong feelings for someone sweeps over you? Someone whose impact on your life cannot be fully expressed or quantified but has still left an unforgettable imprint…

When I went to Jacqui Ertischek’s Facebook page, I was recently informed of her death, which I only found out about now (hours earlier). Without a doubt, Jacqui was one of the most outstanding people I have ever had the honor of knowing and calling a friend and acquaintance. She is my model and a beautiful friend, in addition to being a dedicated wife, mother, and grandma, a talented artist, a passionate philanthropist to those in society who are less fortunate, and a prosperous businesswoman. In every aspect, she is someone I admire.

Jacqui, you will always have a particular and valued place in my heart. It’s unthinkable for me to imagine my life without you. You were one of those exceptional ladies who believed in uplifting and inspiring other women, and you did both on a regular basis. You were also one of the women who believed in empowering and encouraging other males. You were an inspiration to many young girls and women. You have demonstrated your belief in my skills as an artist by providing me with opportunities at a critical juncture in both my personal and professional lives.

These opportunities have allowed me to show that you believe in my talents. I will be eternally thankful. We hope that your legacy and the memory of you that will live on will be a gift to your family and everyone who knew and loved you. Your spirit will soar to greater heights, and we pray for the blessings of your family and everyone who knew and loved you. These are the thoughts that come to mind whenever I think of my close friend Jacqui Ertischek. We said our final farewells to Jacqui last night, and our hearts are torn as we consider how much we will miss her boundless enthusiasm.

Jacqui will be greatly missed by all of us. She took the initiative, made her presence known, and ultimately triumphed by extending a helping hand, having an open heart, and providing excellent advise. Many of those people were able to find solace in the shelter that Jacqui had set up for those who were emotionally drained. She was able to accomplish this feat because of her wicked sense of humor and her loving welcome when people came to visit her. When I think about how gorgeous her family is, my heart hurts so much that it almost breaks.

She adored her children and grandkids without reservation, and she found great joy in all of them. Jacqui was devoted to her children and grandchildren. Oh, how we will long for the day when you will be able to join us here at our home! Jacqui


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