Jacob Buscher Obituary, U.S. County, Jacob Buscher Has Passed Away

Jacob Buscher Obituary, Death – Jacob Buscher died suddenly. After moving to Ozawkie, Jake enrolled in Oskaloosa Public Schools, where he remained until his high school graduation in 2011. Jake began his studies in the second grade at Randolph Elementary School in Topeka. In third grade, Jake met the love of his life, football. Throughout junior high and high school, he participated in different juvenile tackle football leagues as well as the Oskaloosa Bears football teams. His eighth-grade squad won the state championship that year.

Jake was a gifted and dedicated athlete. During his junior year, he led his high school league in tackles, and as a senior, he played for the Oskie Bears in the state championship game. On January 19, 2012, Jacob enlisted in the Kansas Air National Guard’s 184th Intelligence Wing at McConnell Air Force Base. He participated in routine drills in Salina, Kansas, where he was preparing to become a Tactic Air Control Party (TACP), a physically difficult job for which only a few people are qualified. Jacob, a sports enthusiast, worked out every day to keep in shape for a TACP.

He jogged for miles and followed strict exercise regimes like the P90X. Jacob had an interest in sports. Because he loved shooting and hunting, he went pheasant hunting in western Kansas. Summers were spent fishing and camping at Perry Lake, casting lines into the darkness. His nephews, relatives, and acquaintances thought of Jacob as the model young American. Jake was twelve years old when his mother, Sonya Martinez, and grandmother, Karen Buscher, both abandoned him.

His grandfather Robert Buscher, aunt Lori Fieger (Jeff) of Topeka, cousin Jessie Kealy of Meriden, grandma Nadine Martinez, uncle Richard Martinez, and nephews Devin and Caden Martinez of Topeka will remember his memory and life. Topeka is home to his grandfather, Robert Buscher, aunt Lori Fieger (Jeff) of Topeka, stepmother Elaine, stepbrother Miles Frye of Ozawkie, and father Steve Buscher.

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