Ian Hall Obituary, Colorado Springs Ian Hall Has Passed Away

Ian Hall Obituary, Death – Scott Whitehead Mourns Ian Hall’s Death on social Media –  Ian was always the guy in the room who exuded the greatest happiness and positivity. I saw him most often during Sniper’s Unknown Challenge matches when he volunteered and was always the man whose entire purpose for being there was to ensure you had a good time. He was the guy who always made sure you had a pleasant day. He never failed to make you grin, laugh, or joke, and if you made a mistake, he was the first person to encourage you and help you.

The last place anyone saw him was at the Clinton House Plantation. We were filming a fast-paced stage, and the sequence felt a touch disjointed. Andy and I were collaborating. While leaning over the yellow fence, Ian was calling out the target numbers to the other shooters in the correct order. He did it, though, with a zeal that spread to others. He made you feel like the best competitor he’d ever worked with, and he did it for everyone that ascended the Conex’s stairs. He treated you as if you were the best competition he had ever worked with.

It’s difficult to put into words how big of an impact something makes on your day. Brandon and I shot a long-range stage with him as the RO, which resulted in a “perfect” score, and the RO rewarded me with a unit decal for my achievement. I can only imagine how incredible it must have been to serve beside him. I genuinely hope those who served alongside him on the battlefield have fond recollections of him.

Participating in so many events has provided me with the opportunity to make many military friends. I’ve never served in the military, and I’ve done nothing to earn the right to be a member of this organization, but because of this activity, I’ve met so many heroic servicemen and veterans that I can call them friends. The disadvantage is that if we lose one, I can witness directly how they suffer as a team. It also stinks. Ian, we’re going to miss you.

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