Heidi Cahoon-Mcewen Obituary, Boston public schools SEIS coordinator has died

Heidi Cahoon-Mcewen Obituary, Death – Heidi Cahoon-Mcewen has passed away. Throughout the entirety of their married life together, John Mcewen appreciated her role as his wife. Heidi Nichols was the daughter of Wayne Nichols and Karen (Mikalauskas) Nichols, both of whom passed away before she was born. New Britain, Connecticut is the location where she was born on November 11th, 1968. She had spent her entire life in Newington, and she would go to great efforts to ensure that her house was appropriately decorated for each and every holiday.

Heidi was a skilled cook and baker who had been recognized for both of her accomplishments in the industry. She participated in the Berlin Fair baking competition for a good number of years while serving in this role. The Walt Disney Company and the Disney franchise in general held a special place in Heidi’s heart. She was able to enjoy herself to the fullest at the theme parks on a regular basis because she was a member of the Disney Vacation Club.

She also enjoyed scrapbooking and was active in a variety of various scrapbooking clubs due to her enthusiasm for the hobby. Heidi became an ardent supporter of West Virginia University’s sporting teams almost immediately when her son Camden started attending that institution. Listening to his broadcasts of West Virginia University Hockey games gave her a sense of accomplishment, and she felt proud to do so.

Heidi was a beautiful person who was dedicated to her obligations as a wife, mother, sister-in-law, and friend. She was devoted to all of these responsibilities. Her husband John, her son Camden, her daughter Hailey, her sister-in-law Marie Buttermark, and her best friend Stacey are the only people who will remember her after her passing. In addition, she leaves behind her husband John who predeceased her. Her pet puppy, Bambi, will feel the loss of her just as deeply as anybody else.

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