Hansoo Kim Obituary, Owner Of Seattle Teriyaki Restaurant Fatally Shot In His Store

Hansoo Kim Obituary, Death– The Seattle Police Department has not disclosed any new information regarding the investigation into the robbery and shooting that took place at a mom-and-pop teriyaki restaurant in Seattle on Saturday evening, which resulted in the death of one man. The incident was responsible for the death of one man. One man’s passing can be directly attributed to the incident that took place. In addition, as of Wednesday, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office had not disclosed the identity of the deceased person, and there was no information available to explain why the name had not been disclosed.

In spite of this, members of the community have come together to donate more than $40,000 to a GoFundMe account that was established for the Kim family in memory of Hansoo Kim by a friend of the family. The account was created by a friend of the family. A friend of the family initially established the account for them. Rachel Kim, a friend who is not related to Hansoo Kim and who established the GoFundMe account, said that Hansoo Kim, the 58-year-old co-owner of Rainier Teriyaki, is remembered as a devoted family man and outdoors enthusiast who was always willing to lend a hand and support the people in his life. According to Rachel Kim, Hansoo Kim was always willing to lend a hand and support the people in his life.

Rachel Kim stated that she is not related to Hansoo Kim and it is the reason why she created the account. Rachel Kim asserts that her brother Kim was always ready to lend a helping hand and support the people who were significant to him. She believes that he did this regardless of the situation. According to what Rachel Kim has revealed, Hansoo Kim is said to be survived by his wife as well as three of the children that the pair had together. She said that members of the dead person’s family had requested privacy during this time of sorrow for their loved one and that they had asked for it. In addition to the growing tribute of flowers, candles, balloons, and notes that can be found at the entryway of the restaurant, a QR code that takes people to the website for GoFundMe has been posted on the door of Rainier Teriyaki.


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