Gretchen Kiehl Obituary Stoughton WI, Has sadly passed away

Gretchen Kiehl Obituary  – Gretchen Kiehl, who was originally from Kokomo but most recently resided in Grand Island, New York, passed away on Tuesday as a consequence of complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. To her husband Kiehl, who has since passed away, Gretchen was a loyal wife. She was also a devoted mother to Russell (Suzanne), who currently resides in Grand Island, and a devoted grandmother to Gretchen Kiehl, who also resides in Grand Island, as well as Margaret (Timothy) Szczykutowicz, who presently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

Gretchen expired. Esther and Luke Szczykutowicz consider her to be their great-grandmother; she was born in Poland. Doreen McMurtrie was born in the Michigan city of Detroit in the month of August. Her parents are Willamina McMurtrie and Duncan McMurtrie. Her cherished brother Bruce, who is married to the late Joan and resides in Wayne, Michigan, is the only survivor. Douglas, her other brother, died before she did. Among her other brothers, her brother Douglas passed away first.

She was a vibrant aunt to all of her nieces and nephews, all of whom adored her. Doreen and Eugene traveled to another country in 1969 to look for work with Chrysler International. Switzerland, France, and Great Britain were their temporary homes while they were away from home. The first time they returned to Kokomo was in 1979. They lived on Bagley Drive for more than thirty years and regarded it as their home.

Throughout her lifetime, Doreen was a dedicated volunteer who gave her time to numerous charitable organizations, including the Kokomo Civic Theatre. She participated actively in her church, the First Evangelical Presbyterian Church. She was among the first members to join the Breakfast Club in 1985 when it was just getting started.

She was a certified ham radio operator who took great pleasure in helping others prepare their tax returns each year during tax season. The little brown bowls full of cheese puffs that were presented to her family with warm smiles on their faces will always be remembered, along with their trips to Old Ben and the Sycamore Stump. These are the things that they will always remember. Her friends and neighbors will remember her for her upbeat personality, her great sense of humor, and the frequent walks around the block she took with her beloved dog Josie. There will be a memorial service held in remembrance of the dead at a later time.

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