Greg Telford Obituary, Greg Telford Has Sadly Passed Away

Greg Telford Obituary, Death – After falling at a prominent race spot in South Australia and medical professionals being unable to revive him, a member of the Australian dry lakes racing and hot rodding fraternity passed away. The community as a whole is in a state of disbelief as a result of this. Many people in Australia’s dry lakes racing scene are paying their respects to a well-known and beloved member of the community who passed away lately. Greg Telford, who was a native of Maldon, Victoria, was working safety inspections at Lake Gairdner, which is located in the state of South Australia, when he passed away as a result of falling. Lake Gairdner, which is situated five hours to the north-west of Adelaide, is often regarded as the cradle of the sport of land speed racing in Australia.

On Saturday, while Greg Telford and Rob Carroll were conducting safety inspections in the outback of South Australia near Lake Gairdner, both of their cars became mired in mud and were unable to move. The upcoming “Speed Week” that will be organized by the Dry Lakes Racers Association (DLRA) in the month of March will take place on this lake, which serves as the location for the event. According to a statement that was released by the DLRA on social media, the decision to walk off the lake was made since the weather was extremely windy and hot. According to Greg Wapling, who is the president of the DLRA, Mr. Telford saw that Mr. Carroll had passed out when he turned around and saw him again.

During that time, Mr. Telford had been ahead of Mr. Carroll in the line of pedestrians. Mr. Carroll made a valiant effort to save Mr. Telford’s life by returning to the scene, giving him water, and conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); nevertheless, Mr. Telford was unable to be revived and ultimately passed away. After that, Mr. Carroll traveled a distance of 14 kilometers away from the lake, and he spent the night at the canteen of the lake, where he rested beneath a verandah. The following morning, he continued his journey by foot for an additional six kilometers until he reached a DLRA camp. Once there, he contacted the number for the nearby Mt. Ive station to inform them of the situation.

The following information was communicated to me by Mr. Wapling: “Mount Ive came out and picked up Rob and took him back to the station. The cops were able to recover Greg’s body and take him to the Kimba Hospital after getting a call for assistance. Greg was pronounced dead there. After turning down an offer to spend the night at Mount Ive, Mr. Carroll eventually returned to the DLRA camp in the hopes of catching some shut-eye on Sunday night. He was disappointed that he had passed up the opportunity.
A roo shooter from Mount Ive station spent Sunday night at the camp with Mr. Carroll, which is something for which the club is “eternally thankful,” according to Mr. Wapling.


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