Granger Howell Obituary, Cartersville Georgia, Granger Howell Has Passed Away

Granger Howell Obituary, Death – Hello, my name is Diane Evans, and we lost a good friend yesterday, Sunday, January 15th, the Dirt Track family lost a recognized racing car driver, and his family lost a Dad, Brother, Son, or whatever your link to Granger Howell #81 from Kingston, GA could be. I spoke with his sister, Shawna, this morning, and the family is heartbroken. She also added that Granger did not have life insurance and that she does not know how to bury him. They’d never ask for help with this, but if you knew Granger, you’d know he’d give the shirt off his back to aid anyone in need. I offered to set up this Go Fund Me account to help with the costs of their burial him as well as any other expenses they could incur as a result of his death.

If you feel moved to contribute to the Granger Howell Family, please do so. To the best of my knowledge, this is the ONLY account set up for them, and all donations will benefit his family. Because everyone is wondering what happened to Granger, here’s a quick update. There isn’t much information to give at the moment, but I’ll share what I’ve learned from the family. Granger was found dead in his Kingston, Georgia home at noon on Sunday, January 15, 23. On Sunday morning, his sister attempted to reach him but received no response; she went to the house but all doors were locked and he did not answer the door. She requested a good check, and when the cops arrived, they discovered Granger dead in the bathtub.

The residence was then under investigation, and no one was allowed in, even his sister. After the coroner arrived and finished her responsibilities, she claimed that she could not comment on the cause of death but that he appeared to have died quickly, that there may have been a lot of things that happened, but she saw no indication of injuries. The body has been taken so that an autopsy may be performed to identify the cause of death. There has been speculation that it was a heart attack, stroke, blood clot, brain bleed, or a combination of these and other reasons, but no one knows for sure at this time.

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