Graham Roderick Obituary, Graham Roderick sadly passed away

Graham Roderick Obituary, Death-  I ask that God bestow upon you, Graham Roderick, the kind of peace that beyond what it is possible for a person to comprehend…On December 28th, 2022, we lost Graham Roderick, a devoted senior member of our group who had been with us for a long time. Graham had been with us for a very long time.

He had been a part of our group for a very considerable amount of time. Due to the fact that he used to be part of our group but has since moved away, we are forced to start the new year by saying goodbye to him, which leaves us feeling sad. It is necessary for us to start the new year by bidding farewell to him.

We are unable to stop him from going, therefore the first thing we must do in the new year is say our goodbyes to him. On Wednesday of that week, which was normally a typical day for him, he died away quietly as he was sleeping. His passing came on a day that was otherwise unremarkable.

You have just been given official permission to join the ranks of the many Startime luminaries who will go on to follow in the footsteps of those who came before them. Congratulations! Congratulations! Because you have decided that we are worthy of playing a part in the narrative that will be recounted about this major turning point in your life, we are struck with an indescribable sense of gratitude.

This story will be told to future generations. During this trying time, we would like to offer our most heartfelt condolences to each and every member of his family as well as to all of his closest friends. We are really sorry for the loss of your loved one.

There will be a memorial service performed in honor of Graham in the St. Dunstan’s Cathedral in Benoni on Friday morning, January 6, at 11 am. The ceremony will take place in the morning. Once that point has arrived, the beginning of the ceremony will get under way. Graham, who had been battling cancer for a very long time, passed away on January 2nd.

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