Gordy Wilson, Obituary, Former Investment Advice Business Gardner, Has Died

Gordy Wilson, Obituary, Death – Gordon’s birth parents gave him up for adoption on June 13, and John P. Wilson Jr. and Romayne Warren Wilson of Lake Forest, Illinois, became his adoptive parents. When this event took place, John P. Wilson Jr. and Romayne Warren Wilson were already married. The beginning of Gordon’s life was spent in New York City. Gordon spent his childhood in Lake Forest, Illinois, before moving on to continue his education at Princeton University and St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. Lake Forest is located in the state of Illinois. After that, he continued his education elsewhere in order to graduate with his class. In the year 1956, he was given a diploma with honors after participating on the varsity hockey team for three years, receiving a letter of commendation each year, and majoring in art history.

In addition, he was the recipient of the highest possible grade point average during his academic career. In addition to that, he had participated in the art history club. Following his enlistment, Gordon served in the United States Marine Corps for a total of two years, during which time he was responsible for executing his assigned responsibilities. Following the conclusion of his obligation to serve in the armed forces, Gordon enrolled in the legal studies program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In the end, he was successful in completing his education there and received his degree in 1961. In 1962, he tied the knot with April Donald and officially entered married life. From 1961 through 1968, Gordon was an attorney with the Chicago firm Wilson & McIlvaine, where he specialized in the corporate law of non-profit organizations.

During this time, he was licensed to practice law in Illinois. He was employed there during the entirety of that time span. Gordon, who had been an activist for the conservation of wildlife for a considerable amount of time prior to moving to Washington, DC in 1968, was able to accept the position of deputy director at the African Wildlife Leadership Foundation, which he held until 1972. This position was held for the duration of his time in Washington, DC. During this time, Gordon was a strong supporter of efforts to preserve the world’s diverse animal populations. After that, he was given a place on the board, which he held until the year 2004, when he stepped down from his post.

After working as a trust and estate officer in Washington, District of Columbia, until the late 1990s, he started working for the investment advice business Gardner Russo and Gardner at that point in time. Up until the early 2000s, he was employed there. He was employed there right up until the year 2010, when he made the decision to end his career there. Scuba diving, bridge, tennis, golf, and sailing were just a few of Gordon’s favorite sports and hobbies. He also enjoyed a wide variety of other activities. In addition to being an exceptional squash player, he devoted a considerable portion of his time to coaching junior ice hockey players for the most of his adult life. The only members of Gordon’s direct family who have survived his passing are his wife,

April, his sons Speke and Reid, and his five grandchildren, Allegra, Abraham, Nina, and Miles and Alec Wilson. Additionally, April is the only child of Gordon’s to have made it to adulthood unharmed. The Town Hall in Glen Echo is going to be the location of a memorial service on November 12th, 2022. In the Maryland community of Glen Echo, you’ll find the Glen Echo Town Hall,  The Washington Post made the story available to the general public by placing it in the public domain.

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