George Marchett Obituary, Green Gully SC mourns George Marchett’s death

George Marchett Obituary, Death – Everyone here at the Green Gully club is depressed today as a result of learning of George Marchett’s leaving. George was a beloved club member who will be sorely missed. After beginning his stint with our company as a masseuse for the senior team, George went on to serve as Team Manager for a significant amount of time spanning nine years. During that time, George was in charge of many different aspects of the team. At that point in time, he was serving as the leader of the group.

During his stay with our club, George spent a sizeable portion of his time serving in an assistant capacity for our organization. During the period that George worked for our company, he was an essential cog in the wheel of many of our successes, including our run of four consecutive championships in the Victoria Premier League (in 1999, 2000, 2003, and 2005). In addition to this, George was a fervent volunteer who never stopped doing everything in his power to assist the club in reaching success and expanding its reach.

George’s dedication to the club’s growth and success was unwavering. George participated in club activities throughout a good portion of its existence. We are in complete and absolute astonishment after hearing the news that George will no longer be with us. We would be thankful if you could spare a thought for the loved ones and friends that he has left behind in his wake. I would want to express my appreciation in advance for giving this request some thought.

We will be thankful to George for all of eternity because of the high moral standards he upheld and the unwavering devotion he demonstrated. I hope and pray that he will be at rest for the rest of eternity. In order to clearly communicate that Green Gully is in a state of grief from this moment forward and until further notice, all of our flags will be flown at a half-mast until further notice. Soon, an announcement regarding the funeral services will be posted on this website for your convenience.

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