George Kazakos Obituary, Bartonsville PA, A Professional soccer has died

George Kazakos Obituary, Death – We mourn the demise of our hero, rockstar brother George Kazakos, with aching hearts. His coach, our father, taught him soccer at an early age in Greece.
He was exceptional in ALL sports, particularly soccer and baseball. A jock, a sports celebrity, was born… His great career began in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, at Washington Jr. High School. His sportsmanship and outstanding athletic achievement garnered him extensive media attention. He was a powerful striker who attended Liberty High School in Bethlehem in 1963, where he earned the nickname “The Golden Greek!” That was amazing! As a patriotic Vietnam veteran, he put his soccer and Brooklyn semi-pro soccer dreams on hold in 1966.

He served in the United States Army as a baseball player before returning to us as a sergeant. George made it apparent that he wanted to major in physical education. He left Moravian College and moved to East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, where he met Linda and earned the nickname “Crazy Legs Kazakos.” He received numerous distinctions, prizes, and awards. He was also known as “Greek Pele,” his and our forefathers’ idol. His first and only job in the Bethlehem Area School District lasted three decades, as he worked as a teacher, male and female soccer coach, sports advocate, and mentor to thousands of pupils at East Hills Middle School and Freedom High School.

Freedom won its first PA State championship in record time because to his hard work as a coach. He was pleased of both his and the pupils’ successes, always putting the students first. For his remarkable legacy , after retirement , he received the “Key to the City of Bethlehem ” and it was commemorated”George Kazakos Day” June 4th. Following his famous soccer career, he became a referee in Pennsylvania. He couldn’t leave that field… Multitalented.

Our mothers are “pride and happiness” to us. Yes, he was our family’s “Prince” (which we didn’t mind at all), and we were content! We watched his games, coached his games, adored, revered, and appreciated him… we were his cheerleaders… Our father’s ambitions and expectations for our immigration have now come true. In loving memory of a loyal Eldest Brother of four sisters (I’m the baby), father of Teddy/Joy and Jamie, husband to Linda, Pop to his adored Grandson Mason, loving Son, and Uncle. He made a significant impact on many people. All from an 11-year-old Greek child from Hrisaugi.

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