Georganna Roudis Obituary, Georganna Roudis Has Sadly Passed Away

Georganna Roudis Death, Obituary – Georganna “Red” Roudis, who was known as a loving aunt and friend to a large number of people, passed away on January 6, 2023 in the comfort of her home in Ellenville, New York. She was 80 years old. Red was her given name. On November 24, 1942, Red was born in Ellenville, New York to a woman whose name was Jean Austin. Unfortunately, Jean Austin has since gone away. She was the oldest of four children, and her three older siblings had all passed away before she was born.

George Rose, Colleen Davis, and Lance Rose Sr. In addition to this, Red’s cherished dogs Harley, Piddles, and Puddles, as well as her ex-husband Frank Roudis, all perished away before she did. Red was the one that passed away before any of them. Red sincerely treasured each opportunity to spend quality time with the individuals who mattered the most to her after she retired from James’ General Store and 209 Sand and Gravel in Ellenville, New York.

She had worked at both of these establishments for many years. Red found that time spent at home with her dog Shorty, as well as her pet birds Cloud and Zucchini, brought her a great deal of happiness. Red exemplified the role of an excellent aunt to her many nieces and nephews over the course of her life, always ensuring that they were included in her life’s celebrations of success and happiness. She had a great time over the years taking part in activities such as playing Scrabble, volunteering at the Blueberry Festival, and lending her support to the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce.

Red is survived by her loving memory, her nieces Michelle Rose-Levine, Barbara Rose-Youmans, Kelly Rose, Meredith Rose-Gavars, Kaitlyn Rose, and Nicole Rose-Awe, and her nephews Lance Rose Jr., Michael Contestato, Shaun Rose, and Travis Rose Sr. She also leaves behind ten great nieces and nephews, twelve stepbrothers and stepsisters, a large number of cousins, and a large number of friends.


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